Friday, December 2, 2016

the new evangelization in the United Kingdom

The electronic dance music genre bring us Francis’ “mercy”.

Which is worse, the immodestly dressed vapid singer belting out vacuous lyrics or the dancing Novus Ordo prelate who makes an ass out of himself?

More of Frankie Mulgrew the dancing hipster prelate

 How Frankie dresses when he isn’t wearing his priest costume.

Frankie loves football.  Here he is after soccer training.

Singing with his rock ’n roll group The Mercy Brothers after celebrating 
the Novus Ordo Missae with bishop John Arnold.

What says I’m a Francis acolyte more than a selfie?

The Mercy Brothers imitate The Blues Brothers.

No joke, that’s a double-decker bus that Frankie’s diocese paid to have the public transportation system in England turn into the Mercy Bus for Francis’ “Year of Mercy”.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The convicts at Italy’s prison in Ferrara dance for Francis!

“The Pope has opened the doors of the Church embracing the most diverse cultures, accepting and welcoming people from different religious beliefs, showing us that we can live together in harmony under the same roof, in spite of our differences, just as we are doing today.  We thank him because he gave us two hours of escapism.”

The all-male prison has inmates from three continents — Europe, Africa, Asia — and four religions — Novus Ordo, Orthodox, Protestant, Islam —


What happens when Francis makes a video and no one in the media cares?

The Pope Video #12 — Child soldiers


Don’t worry it’s still PC as there is no mention of the Catholic Faith let alone Our Savior Jesus the Christ!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pharisee Timothy Dolan & the Rockettes — a Christmas ‘tradition’


 Sadly, this is no joke.

Pharisee Dolan wasn’t at the synagogue like he usually is, instead he was out among the sheep...literally out among the sheep!  In what is fast becoming a tradition (it’s taken place now for two years running), Dolan was ‘blessing’ two sheep, several camels, one ass (no not himself), and four immodestly dressed Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  The Pharisee was his usual quipping self, telling the media and those present that, “To be part of this is a real joy and honor. You’re getting me into the Christmas spirit already.”  And further explained why he was there, “Pope Francis said…we’re supposed to be shepherds.”  Ha, ha, ha!  How funny!  How scandalous and sacrilegious!  We at Call Me Jorge... expect nothing less from Dolan.  Hence, why we call him ‘Pharisee’.  We wonder if Bp. Fellay will invite Timothy and his immodestly dressed Rockettes to the next baptism of church bells?

The behavior one can expect of a Novus Ordo cardinal.

A little humor...

 After Francis’ new beatitudes come the new commandments.